Our Mission

The world today needs persons who are honest, virtuous, selfless and compassionate, driven by sense of service and capable of exercising restraint despite extreme provocation, persons who can show the path of love and shower it freely without yearning of returns. We need such people who work incessantly and with elan.

Our mission is to ensure that all the learners :

  • Respect self, others and the environment.
  • Participate productively and responsively in a rapidly changing society.
  • Communicate effectively.
  • Use co-operative and independent learning styles to accomplish goals.
  • Use problem solving technique to handle everyday situations.
  • Set and meet high standards.

Our Vision

Mentor each child to be a competitive and an achiever in life.

The school endeavors to impart value based education that makes every child believe in one’s innate abilities so as to strive harder to achieve the desired goals and later thrive in the gleaming glory of success that comes there of.

We aspire to create a community of 21st century learners through a nurturing, stimulating and holistic learning environment, where students are encouraged to develop open mindedness, a spirit of enquiry, creative and critical thinking skills self and social responsibility.

The School collaborates with the community to instill in the students generosity of spirit and integrity of though, word and action.