Nanaksar Academy is a school of 21st Century where everyone is inspired to learn and come there because they love it and not because they have to. This school was a visualization of Sant Baba Kundan Singh Ji (Nanaksar Kaleran) that later on was realized in collaboration of Sant Baba Gurcharan Singh Ji, Sant Baba Sewa Singh Ji and Sant Baba Baljit Singh Ji.

The Institution took its first step in 2008, safe and secure from day one : bubbling with elan, wonderful ideas and grit to make it through, the school has grown from strength to strength. Its committed to provide the best quality education to the kids of the region and mentor them to be versatile human beings by exposing them to various walks of life, and get them ready to take up challenge of life.

The Mission statement as enunciated by Sant Baba Gurcharan Singh Ji.

To establish permanent peace in the world through value-based scientific education and spiritual upliftment and provide solace to and succour to the downtrodden and the deprived.